How to start an insurance claim if a North Texas ice storm damaged your home or car

the ice storm is bound to cause many problems in North Texas with their vehicles and homes. From accidents to frozen pipes, contacting their insurance provider is most likely one of their first calls.

Tarrant, Dallas and 20 other North Texas counties are under an ice storm warning until 9 am Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. Freezing rain Wednesday could cause power outages across the region.

The Insurance Council of Texas has offered a few tips for those looking to file a claim on their vehicle or home:

What should I do after a vehicle accident?

No matter what insurance provider you have, there are a few things every driver should consider:

  • Take photos of the scene. Get photos of the vehicles involved in the accident and areas to help recreate the scene.

  • Obtain information from all parties involved in the accident, including driver’s license, insurance information and license plate number.

  • Obtain contact information from any witnesses of the accident.

  • If someone is injured, contact the local authorities.

  • Contact your insurance agent or company to start the claim process. Make sure to also document the conversation with your claim representative.

  • The policy holder decides on where to repair the vehicle. Talk with your insurance about the pros and cons of using your own repair shop or a company preferred vendor.

How do I start the claim process for my home or property?

The Insurance Council of Texas has a few tips on making a house claim in the event of frozen pipes or other weather damage:

  • Contact your insurance provider quickly. Most insurance companies offer contactless virtual claims through their websites or mobile apps. In this way, you have a convenient way to file a claim while creating a history of the process.

  • Document the damage. Take photos or videos of any damage to your property to give to your insurance provider.

  • Make emergency repairs. You may be reimbursed by your insurance carrier for any costs accrued from hardware stores, so make sure to keep all receipts.

  • Know your deductible. Your insurance provider may reimburse or apply any out-of-pocket costs to your deductible.

  • Acquire multiple estimates from contractors. Whether its speaking with friends, family or your insurance provider, getting multiple estimates for work is recommended.

  • Don’t sign insurance money over to a contractor. Control the flow of money to the contractor by paying incrementally as work is completed.

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