Legal Docket – The praying football coach

MARY REICHARD, HOST: It's Independence Day this Monday, July 4th, 2022. Glad to have you along for today's edition of The World and Everything in It. Good morning, I'm Mary Reichard. NICK EICHER, HOST: And I'm Nick Eicher. It's time now for Legal Docket. The Honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson is now the 104th Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. She took her oath of office last Thursday. BROWN JACKSON: I Ketanji Brown Jackson do solemnly swear... Leading her through it was the justice whose seat she'll be taking, Justice Stephen Breyer. He administered one of the two oaths she took. JUSTICE STEPHEN BREYER: And that I will faithfully and impartially JACKSON: And that I will faithfully and impartially BREYER: discharge and performBROWN JACKSON: discharge and perform…
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