Kushner recounts Jeff Sessions’ attempts to block Trump’s landmark criminal justice reform bill

In his upcoming book, "Breaking History: A White House Memoir," Kushner details several efforts by Sessions to stymie his efforts to amass an unlikely coalition of conservative and liberal lawmakers -- and to dissuade then-President Donald Trump from backing them.In one instance, Kushner writes that Sessions' team at the Justice Department successfully thwarted an April 2018 committee markup of the legislation by recommending last-minute changes to the legislation that amounted to "poison pills" and which Kushner at the time described as "ridiculous " and in "bad faith." Sessions' feuds with Kushner over the reform effort and his numerous attempts to block the process were thoroughly reported at the time.Through an associate, Sessions declined to comment on Kushner's book. Amid Sessions' efforts to block the legislation and try to dissuade conservatives…
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