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The Howley Law Firm PC in New York offers retaliation legal services to protect employees who exercise their legal rights and prevent unlawful firing. They provide legal representation for wrongful termination, hostile work environment claims, and more. The firm’s experienced whistleblower attorneys are committed to ensuring employee rights and protection against employer retaliation.

The Howley Law Firm PC is a New York based law firm specializing in employment and retaliation law services. The firm offers retaliation legal services for employees and employers, including consultations, wrongful termination cases, hostile work environment claims, and class actions.

Retaliation law is part of employment law, protecting employees who exercise their legal rights and preventing companies from unlawfully treating employees. Acts of retaliation include firing, cutting hours, rescheduling to less desirable times, taking disciplinary action, transferring, reporting to the police for an unrelated matter, or threatening to do anything. These actions are illegal if they follow a lawful act by an employee, such as a wage inquiry or filing a complaint against the company.

The Howley Law Firm provides expert legal representation for retaliation law cases. The firm’s retaliation attorneys offer free consultations for potential clients and are well-equipped to provide legal advice on the best course of action for your circumstances. The firm’s employment attorneys have helped many clients file a wrongful termination lawsuit and seek justice for being fired when they raised concerns at work.

They have also helped clients take legal action against a hostile work environment created by their employers, which also falls under retaliation law. In addition, The Howley Law Firm has experience assisting with class action lawsuits, representing groups of employees with similar problems.

Interested in discussing a possible claim with an experienced retaliation attorney? The Howley Law Firm’s team of experienced retaliation law attorneys are here to help. Get in touch today for more information.

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